Pricing your Home for Sale if you are preparing to sell your home, knowing how to price the home is vital. Not pricing your house properly can result in the home not selling or selling quickly at a low price. By figuring out what the house is worth, you can set a good sales price when you list the home for sale. There is no one best method to calculate the worth of a house. Instead, a combination of methods can provide a more accurate gauge of the worth of a house.

Call a RE/MAX Territory Agent: to give you an idea of the value of your home.RE/MAX Territory agents are familiar with the local market and can use recent home sale data to give you an estimate. Phone 07 3440 9440  Email:


Pay a Real Estate Valuer: to value your home for you. You can ask local real estate agents or friends for a referral for a Valuer. Fees may vary

View Local Real Estate listings: for your area on or or your local home sales magazines. Look for homes that are similar to yours to get an estimate of value. Take the price of the similar homes and divide it by the square metre to get an average price per Metre foot. Then multiply the price per square metre by the square metre of your home to get a value amount.                                                                                                                             

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