Helpful Hints:


Front Yard - The first impression any buyer will have of your home is the front yard. It is essential the front yard is kept in pristine condition whilst your home is on the market. Mow, weed, prune and trim where necessary. Add a bit of colour by planting a few seedlings.

Front and Side Gates - All garden gates Should open and close easily. Replace hinges and paint if needed.

Front Door - Is there a special way to open the front door? If so, fix it before inspections begin. If it's looking a little tired, give it a coat of paint to liven it up. If security screens are a little worse for wear, replace them.

Windows - Clean all glass, window frames and sills, and ensure all windows open and close easily. Overgrown branches will block out views and light, so cut these back.

Garage - It's easy for a garage to become a dumping ground for the things you hang on to in case they may come

in handy later. Consider having a garage sale to clear unwanted items. 

Back Yard -People do take notice of garden tools or kids toys lying about. If you can see it chances are someone else can too. Pets should be locked away during viewings and the lawn must be checked to ensure there are no "woopsies" anyone can accidentally step on.

Pool - Your pool must be beautifully clean otherwise it gives the impression that owning a pool is too much hard      work which will act as a deterrent rather than an attraction.


Entry - Ask a friend or family, to help store any bulky or excess furniture, hat stands etc. that you normally have in the entry. Make it easier for buyers to enter the house without having to step around things.

Carpets - Give carpets that are looking worn or tired a new lease of life by having them steam cleaned.

Paintwork - Walls should be cleaned thoroughly and marks or cracks touched up. Give the home a fresh look by applying a new coat of paint (neutral colours are preferable). Be warned though, if you're a going to paint one room you risk making the rest of the house look tired.

Kitchen - The kitchen must sparkle. All appliances should be packed away but do not squeeze them into an already full cupboard. No dishes (clean or dirty) should be left on the sink or bench. Put away the dish rack, sponge and cleaning products.

Bathroom(s) - Try to get your bathroom as spotless as possible. Put out the good towels and one nice soap or pretty bottle of perfume or cream. Everything else should be stored away during viewing times. Clutter in any room is a turn off for many buyers.

Interior Rooms - Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms; they are the most important areas in any house.

Security - is not normally a problem during open homes where we have 2 team members in attendance or during private inspections. However, don't tempt fate and lock your valuables away. This includes laptop computers, mobile phones, wallets and jewellery etc.

General Tidiness - How clean and tidy is the house? Get rid of any excess clutter (i.e. toys, books, knick knacks). Remote controls, paperwork etc. all need to be put away. Clutter makes rooms appear smaller and prevents a buyer being able to picture how they would use a room.

Smell - What does your house smell like? People eat different foods or have different habits from you or don't own pets and will quite likely pick up on a smell you may not notice. A bad or unusual smelling house can really put people off and lose you thousands in your asking price. (Good tip Roast some coffee beans in the oven before the open house)